About Jacobs and Sons

Established in 1994, Jacob and Sons have been pioneering and handcrafting bespoke interiors for over 25 years. Focusing on intricate detailing and ergonomic design. Jacob and Sons works harmoniously with nature to craft kitchens, that will transform your living space into a space for living. A space where friends and families can come together and make memories.


The Jacobs and Sons journey began in 1977, in the heart of Lancashire with our father Jacob. Learning joinery at the local college, Jacob honed his skills on construction sites, spanning over two decades. With a passion for quality materials and uncompromising build, Jacob began to construct handmade bespoke furniture and interior products. These guiding principles have formed the foundations upon which we base the design of each Jacob & Sons kitchen.

Through Jacob passing on his art form to the next generation, in 1994, Jacob and Sons was born. Through using elite British craftmanship, traditional hand-made techniques and homegrown natural hardwoods such as oak, maple, and cherry. Jacob and Sons brings to you, bespoke English kitchens that have timeless style and forever lasting quality. With the British heritage carved into the story of each and every Jacob and Sons kitchen.


Jacob and Sons kitchens are made bespoke to you. With endless customisable features, each kitchen is personally hand crafted and made to measure. Our collaborative process means expert designers and crafters work with you to create a kitchen that is for your home, with you being the inspiration behind every design. With our bespoke kitchen furniture, there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place. From integrated pantries to stylish spice racks, and whether it be a Jacob and Sons trademark waterlily or a personalised finishing touch, our cabinetry engraving gives you a forever lasting mark of quality and individuality.

A colour made for you. Colour adds originality and character to the home. With the ability to create the feelings of happiness, security, and love. At Jacob and Sons, your kitchen is hand painted on site to a colour of your desire, by our professional artisan hand-painters. Making it truly unique to you and your home.

Some of our typical, bespoke touches:

  • Kitchen cabinetry and furniture
  • Kitchen Pantry
  • Kitchen Mantle
  • Upholstery seating
  • Hand painted
  • Engraved cabinetry
  • Customised Worktop


A timeless style, inspired by the architectural design of your home. Whether you desire a Georgian style island, an elaborate Victorian pantry or the simple, but elegant design Edwardian beading. Jacob and Sons offer traditional English styles, and classical kitchen features that have adapted to modern living. Passing the test of time, traditional kitchens have an everlasting style that creates an open living space and evokes a welcoming atmosphere. A kitchen that is the heart of your home, and that is there for the future.

With longevity at the forefront of manufacturing, the meticulous craft of each Jacob and Sons kitchen gives them a formidable structure, that is built to last. With our professional artisan hand-painters, your kitchen is painted to a colour of your choice, with fortified mixed furniture paint. Ensuring your kitchen is protected from moisture, UV and microbial growth, giving it a final coating of everlasting quality.


All Jacob and Sons kitchens are custom made to suit you and your environment. Hand carved and crafted from matured hardwoods, and masterfully fashioned by our experienced carpenters. From the formidable 38mm thick cabinet doors, to the interlocking design of the dovetailed joints. Using traditional methodologies and innovative technologies, Jacob and Sons kitchens are built with supreme functionality and longevity. With each worktop complemented with a precisely cut slab of Silestone, marble or granite, and then finished off with traditionally forged brass handles and hinges, bespoke to your choice.


As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, at Jacob and Sons we work closely with local communities and the Forrest Stewardship Council (FSC) to reduce our carbon footprint and ethically source sustainable products that are all certified. With a focus on tree population and working against deforestation, we ensure that we put in more than we take out. So, for every tree that is used in our manufacturing process, Jacob and Sons pledge to replant five more into local forests.

Throughout our cleaning, milling, and shaping process, we accumulate tonnes of waste-wood and sawdust. In order to avoid landfills we make sure we find resourceful ways to make use of our waste.

At Jacob and Sons all offcuts of wood are used to fuel the factories biomass furnace which generates energy for the entire 12,000 square foot factory and the mass tonnes of sawdust that is produced is collated together and donated to local farmers, to be used as fertiliser.

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